The Basics Behind Car Removal Companies – How Do We Manage to Pay You Cash


You may have an old car lying around in your garage that has sentimental value to you but you’re finally willing to get rid of. Or you might have a scrap car taking up unnecessary space in driveway that you’d like to sell. When faced with such situations, it’s important that you find the right place to sell or dispose your vehicle. You should look for a buyer that is reliable, offers a hassle free service and pays you a good amount of cash and a car removal company fits this description perfectly.

How Car Removal Companies Work

Car removal companies have designed a procedure that aims towards making the whole process simpler for individuals who don’t want to go through the hassle of having to sell or dispose their cars themselves. At Goulburn Car Removal, we follow a simple removal process where most of the work is taken care of by us and it is also free of cost saving you a lot of money.

Get a Quote: In the first step you need to contact us to Get a Quote that is free of cost. You can do that over the phone or through our “Get a quote” feature on our website. You will be required to fill out some questions regarding the brand, model, year, age and condition of your car.

Co-ordinate a Time and Place: In the next step, all you have to do is tell us where and when to come for the pickup according to your schedule. Our service is a 24 hour one because we understand our clients have busy schedules hence you can ask us to come at any time and we will be there.

Pickup of the Vehicle: We’ll then come over to your location at the given time and our team will carry out the removal process after conducting a quick inspection of your vehicle.

Cash on the Spot: Once the removal is complete, we’ll ask you to sign some paperwork and hand you the hand on the spot! Thus within an hour you will be free of your unwanted vehicle and counting your cash!

Saving the Environment

The best part about Car Removal services is that their larger objective is to keep the environment safe by disposing vehicles in the correct way. Car removal companies follow an eco-friendly scrapping procedure for all scrap and old vehicles that they buy. The vehicles are taken to their scrap yard and recycled so by opting for a car removal service you will actually be saving the environment from harm done on your part!

If you wish to sell your vehicle, contact Goulburn Car Removal today.

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